WE ARE K&A Construction

K & A Construction was founded in 1988 by 2 partners and has grown steadily employing over 60 PAYE full time employees. Our clients include local authorities, various architects and larger building contractors. Our team consists of all of the trades needed to complete a construction project from start (initial ground work) to finish (decorating & finishing).

K & A Construction has core values that each of our employees practice and apply. People are our strongest asset, investing in staff helps the company to develop and flourish. We focus on delivering a good quality product on time at the right cost, encouraging innovation and learning. Above all customers come first. Customer satisfaction is what we strive to achieve on every development. Through the quality of the team's work our client base continues to grow year on year. Our growth has allowed us to provide a firm base for the business to develop, investing in the quality of our staff and our offering to the customer. Following the completion of each job we discuss with the client how they felt the project went and where they think we could improve our service. We’re keen to remain proactive in the techniques we use to move the company and its projects forward. When justified, metrics are readily used to monitor key areas. These indicators allow us to keep driving the business forward, ensuring we meet our performance targets. As a company we take pride in our work believing it to be the best advert a business can have for its services.

Our clients include Councils, NHS Trusts, English Heritage, Architects, Civil Engineering companies etc. Maintaining close contact with each and every client throughout their project ensures that the final result meets expectations.

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